Olympic Peninsula Ride Update

Hi Everyone,

After a phone call to the motels in Castle Rock and Ocean Shores, it appears that a few more rooms are available than what was originally thought for the Olympic Peninsula Ride scheduled for the July long weekend. I have re-opened the signup page on the website to accommodate more members. I have not blocked any more rooms, but know that there are more available at both locations. Motel information and phone numbers are posted on the registration page. Use your EWMA Wyndham discount code (1000008705) for the Day’s Inn and let the Timberline Inn in Castle Rock know you are with Dave Ward and EWMA to get a preferred rate.

If you are not one of the original 8 that signed up on the website, but have said you are participating, please sign up on the website at https://chapterbca.org/2024-olympic-peninsula-run-june-29-july-1/. The page will shut down once we have 16 total registrations.

For all others, please register ASAP so we can finalize our plans for this popular ride. For admin purposes, we definitely need to know how many are coming so that we can make changes to routing and lunch locations to accommodate more people. If you have any questions, complaints, etc., please direct them to me personally and I will do my best to help.

Thanks for your support and participation in EWMA Chapter BC-A events.

Dave Ward

Former Chapter Director

EWMA BC-A, Vancouver