I’m pleased to introduce myself

I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you as your new Chapter Director for EWMA Chapter BC-A.  Many of you I already know, but there are still many members that I have not met, hence the picture. If you see me in the crowd please introduce yourself to me.

Your Chapter team remains the same with Patrick Frampton and Chuck Taylor as Ride Coordinates, Niels Jensen as Treasurer. The position of Assistant Chapter Director is currently vacant. If any of you are interested in this position please let me know.

We have recently started a WhatsApp group. Ewma Chapter BC-A. This is a quick way members to connect for any reason, and especially good to find out who’s riding in your area. If you wish to be added to this group just let me know.

As many of you are aware, EWMA BC-A had a booth at Motorcycle show this year. We were extremely pleased to welcome 19 more people to the group.  We spoke with a great number of people at the show and the thing that really stood out is a need for couples rides, more leisurely and shorter rides with multiple stops, and not necessarily limited to just couples.  I think this could be a wonderful addition to our current riding format. This is open for discussion and I would really appreciate your feedback.

Special thanks to Dan Fortin who has provided us with many km’s of great riding this past season, and seasons before. Thanks for your continued support.

Bill Morrill
604 862-4780